DAB IP is a term used for the transmission of IP packets (internet traffic) via DAB digital radio. De standard is called DAB Enhanced Packet Mode (EPM). The data is transmitted through IP packets which are encapsulated in a standard DAB transmission frame. This makes it possible to use DAB for other multimedia services, including mobile television.

DAB EPM introduces additional error correction, a Reed-Solomon code, to enhance the quality of reception. This makes it possible to use DAB IP for video, which is more vulnerable to errors than audio. Due to the additional Reed-Solomon code, the capacity of the data flow is reduced by 7.8%.

DAB IP versus DMB

Apart from DAB IP, the DAB standard has an addition, DMB, that is specifically meant for the transmission of multimedia services. The big disadavantage of DAB IP for the deliverance of multimedia is that the data is sent through the use of IP packets, which gives an additional overhead of about 5% compared to DMB. The advantage of DAB IP is that it gives more flexibility and that integration with other networks which are based on IP is easier.

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