The Regional Radio Conference 2006 (RRC-06) was a Conference under the auspicies of the ITU that had the task to make an Agreement and associated frequency plan for digital broadcasting in band III (174-230 MHz) and band IV/V (470-862 MHz) for 120 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The new plan will replace parts of the Stockholm Agreement of 1961 for the European Broadcasting Area and parts of the Geneva Agreement of 1989 for the African Broadcasting Area.

Geneva-06 agreement (GE-06)
The new Geneva-06 agreement (GE-06) contains a plan for T-DAB and DVB-T in Band III and DVB-T in Band IV/V and a plan for the phasing-out of analogue TV. The latter plan will cease to exist after 2015. Until that time excisting and planned analogue TV stations need to be protected. This results in temporary restrictions of the entries in the plan for digital broadcasting. The new agreement regulates the use of Band III, IV and V in Europe for decades and is therefore of great importance for all future applications in these bands, including mobile broadcasting. Mobile broadcasting in these bands using the T-DAB, DVB-T, DVB-H, DMB or other not yet known standards can only operate under the “mask” of entries in the plan for digital broadcasting.

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