WorldDMB Forum


The WorldDMB Forum is an international, non-governmental organisation for the standardization, promotion and marketing of Eureka 147 based technologies worldwide, the DAB and DAB+ system for digital radio and DMB for digitale radio and mobile TV.

The WordDMB Forum is responsible for the standardization of the Eureka-147 family of standards since 2000. Standardization of the Eureka-147 family started as the European Eureka 147 Project. In 1999 the Eureka 147 Project merged with the WorldDMB Forum.

The WorldDMB Forum includes partners from manufacturing industries, public and commercial broadcasters, multiplex and network providers, programme makers, regulatory and governmental bodies and others.

The WorldDMB Forum started in 1995 as the European DAB Forum (EuroDAB in short) but in 1997 it changed its name to WorldDAB Forum to express their global aspiration in the promotion of DAB. The name is changed again, to WorldDMB Forum, to express the fact that the Eureka-147 standard can be used more broadly than for digital radio alone.

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